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Wellness and Health

Wellness and health go hand in hand and both are reciprocal. Quite often both the terms are used interchangeably but there is a slight difference in meaning. ‘Health’ is more of a medical term and is just a mental or physical state, whereas ‘Wellness’ is an overall process of maintaining a state of wellbeing.

Dictionary, defines;

  • Health as a state of being free from illness or injury
  • Wellness as the state of being in good physical and mental health.

“The World Health Organization renders, ‘Wellness’ as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Why everyone is concerned in achieving wellness? Answer is quite straight forward and simple; we all want to attain best quality life till we lives and rightly so. Each and every living being deserves a good quality life, which is directly proportional to wellness. Wellness is not the same for everyone, as diverse factors play role in being well. Wellness is how one feels about life and how effectively one is able to function. It won’t be wrong to say that wellness depend on an individual’s effort, whereas health is a condition of that person. When ‘health and wellness” are put together; it means a routine of better lifestyle to improve or maintain ones general physical, mental and emotional health. Wellness has direct impact on our actions and emotion and it is directly related to health. The three main components of wellness are;

1-Physical health is the general condition of a person, how well is his functional and/or metabolic output. Optimal health can’t be attained without being physically fit. The foundation of physical health are;

  • Proper and balanced nutrition; it helps in keeping the body function healthy and prevent us from many illness.
  • Conducive physical activity is crucial in keeping the body in good condition. It has been medically seen that bones and muscles of physically active person are healthier than non-active one. Physical activity also tend to reduce the risk of many diseases of all our systems.
  • Positive healthy habits like, regular sleep patterns, stress management, safe sex, avoiding drug abuse and smoking have unquestionable health benefits.

2-Mental health, influences, how we cope with life. Our emotional, psychological and social interface are part of mental health. Ones thinking, feelings and how one behaves are dependent on the mental condition of the person. It’s an integral part of every developmental stage of life. The mental health of any person will influence how he

  • Handles stress
  • Relates to other
  • Makes choices in life.

Emotional health or wellbeing is the positive feeling, helping us function in society and cope with life. A person who is emotionally healthy will be able to use his emotion in a positive and constructive way. Emotionally healthy people tend to fight illness and adversities more effectively. Person with good mental health has

  • A sense of wellbeing
  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-control

All the above three are required to be at their best to be able to achieve the goal of optimal health. Each have effect on the other and are inter-related. One goes bad other goes bad and has negative effect on the overall outcome. Hence it becomes a necessity to be aware of all of them and work on improving them in a coordinated manner.

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